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Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin is the newest member to our team.  Following in his mother and brother’s footsteps, his transition into real estate has been a smooth one. His work ethic separates him from the masses, but his greatest strength that he brings to The Mackey Martin Group is his extensive background in analyzing statistical data.  As a professional within the game of professional baseball, Kelly spent much of his time filming and analyzing data on the individual players.  It is one thing to advise a client as to the strength of a purchase or the strategy for positioning a listing to sell; however, it is this very statistical data that creates a firm foundation in helping both the Buyer and Seller price effectively.  The depth of his knowledge positions the consumer for success. After careful consideration, Kelly decided to change his career path to function within a family business after spending the last three seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  While with the organization, he mastered statistical data that was used to produce daily reports on players coming up through the minor league system. Before the Diamondbacks, Kelly played professional baseball.  Drafted by the Diamondbacks in 1995, Kelly chose not to sign until 1999 with the Cincinnati Reds. Due to both Trey and Kelly not only being brothers, but also both having a common shared bond of professional sports, created an opportunity to develop a “Professional Athlete Division”.  Understanding the needs of this specific profession is pivotal in the functionality of this division.  The Martins understand this turf. Honesty, passion and an extensive background in statistics has positioned Kelly to have the opportunity to master yet another career path in real estate.  It is one thing to work within a team, but another when each person within that team possesses a different skill-set that  spurs a team onto success.  Kelly is just one more player amongst high achievers.